Affiliation of Queen's College with Memorial University

Documents representing the renewal of an affiliation between Memorial University and Queen's College in Newfoundland in 1982. Documents include: - A letter from Reverend Frank Cluett, Provost of Queen's College, to Dr. Leslie Harris, President of Memorial University, on January 13, 1982, requesting the reinstatement of the affiliation - A letter from Dr. Leslie Harris to Reverend Cluett, on February 26, 1982, acknowledging the request - Memorial University Senate minutes from March 9, 1982, indicating that the affiliation with Queen's College should be reinstated - A letter from Reverent Cluett to Glenn Collins, Secretary of the Memorial University Senate, on March 22, 1982, acknowledging the reinstatement of the affiliation agreement
Primary Degree Granting Institution: 
Memorial University