Agreements on University Affiliation and Federation

This collection is based on an inventory of approximately 250 educational organizations engaged in university-level instruction in Canada, past and present. The collection provides an open access information database, preliminary results of this project, funded by a 2013-16 Social Science and Humanities Research Council - Insights grant, identify seven categories of affiliation and federation inter-institutional associations, proposing definitive clarifications of related terms and relationships.

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Memorandum of Understanding Between Asbury Theological College (ATS) and Bethany Bible College (BBC) for Seminary Track Eligibility Program (Step)

A memorandum of understanding from 2011 between Asbury Theological College, an American theological school located in Kentucky, and Bethany Bible College, which shortly thereafter changed its name to Kingswood University.
Primary Degree Granting Institution: 
Kingswood University

Senate Request for Interpretation of Affiliation Agreements

The attached document interprets the University of Windsor's federation agreement with Assumption University, and its affiliation agreements with Iona College and Canterbury College, in so far as they affect the ability of the three partner institutions to offer courses in religious studies, and whether those courses could count towards a University of Windsor degree.
Primary Degree Granting Institution: 
University of Windsor

Faculty of Religious Studies Cyclical Review Report 2012

The file includes all documentation relating to the affiliation agreement between McGill University and the Montreal School of Theology, which includes the Montreal Diocesan Theological College; the Presbyterian College, Montreal; and the United Theological College, Montreal. Documents in the mst-frs-agreement-documents.pdf file include: - The February 1914 Act of Incorporation of the Joint Board - The November 1948 Agreement between the Joint Board and McGill Establishing the Faculty of Divinity - The April 1987 Memorandum of Agreement between the Joint Board and McGill University - The September 2004 Renewal of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Joint Board and McGill University Additional attachments include: - The June 1969 Memorandum of Agreement - The June 1996 Memorandum of Understanding - The September 2008 Montreal School of Theology Form of Government
Primary Degree Granting Institution: 
McGill University