Chuck Humphrey



  • 2006-07-03
    A decade ago, Canadian universities and Statistics Canada embarked on a joint adventure called the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI). While this initiative greatly increased the availability of data for academic research and instruction, it also created new challenges for the librarians and information professionals who were confronted with the task of organizing and supporting access to these resources. This paper will examine the challenges involved in the introduction of data into the traditional academic library. The experience of Canada’s DLI will be used to illustrate the types of issues involved and the approaches used in the Canadian context to address them. The paper will conclude by identifying the best practices that have emerged after a decade of experience in developing, refining and promoting the use of data as a means of strengthening the underpinnings for teaching and research.

  • 2004-04-06
    This presentation outlines the types of microdata files. It also discusses which microdata file to use, as well as, providing services for synthetic files. (Note: Data associated with this presentation is available on the DLI FTP site under folder 1873-215.)
    Ontario DLI Training, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

  • 2002-05-29
    This presentation describes what aggregate data are. This is followed by a computing exercise that demonstrates how to aggregate data with SPSS. (Note: Data associated with this presentation is available on the DLI FTP site under folder 1873-217.)
    CAPDU/DLI Ontario Training, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

  • 2007-05-16
    Chuck Humphrey uses the four themes from IASSIST 2006 (cyberinfrastructure, digital repositories, DDI 3.0 and the data life cycle) to describe models of open data environments. IASSIST 2007, McGill University, Montreal, QC

  • 2007-05-16
    Chuck Humphrey's presentation on capitalizing on metadata outlines three problems needing metadata solutions, three metadata solutions, two meetings focused on metadata, two phases to implement solutions and the Research Data Centre Life Cycle.
    IASSIST 2007, McGill University, Montreal, QC