Jane Fry



  • 2008-05-28
    In Ontario, there is a movement afoot to mark up surveys in DDI and put them in an interface that allows them to be shared with other universities. A noble exercise, indeed! Our project, (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure Initiative) provides university researchers with unprecedented access to a significant number of datasets in a web-based data extraction system. Access to the data with its accompanying standardized metadata is key to our project. However, the staff marking up these surveys do not necessarily think alike, so the formats used in marking up the surveys can and do vary across institutions. And this is taking place in only one province so this begs the question of what the formatting looks like when the marking up is done nationally. In this presentation, we will discuss the five Ws of a Best Practices Document: why we need one; when it happened; where it was put together; what the process was; and who will benefit from it.
    IASSIST 2008, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

  • 2011-05-30
    This session will be discussing practical strategies for outreach and marketing for your Data Centre. In the first part of the presentation, I will be looking at: why we need to market our services; when we should be doing it; where we should do it; who we should be targeting; what do we target them with; and how do we reach them. DLI National Training Day, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

  • 2005-04-28
    Jane Fry and Sage Cram have been working on a database of training materials -- Monia will give us an update on what it contains and how to access it.
    Atlantic DLI Training, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

  • 2011-05-31
    Cette présentation donne un aperçu d', un système Web d'exploration et d'extraction de données offert à partir de Scholar's Portal. Camp d'entraînement de l'IDD, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, C.-B.

  • 2005-04-11
    A look at why T-Space was necessary and why it was chosen for the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) Training Repository. CAPDU/DLI Ontario Training, Queen's University, Kingston, ON