Jane Fry



  • 2006-05-26
    Over the past nine years, many presentations, demonstrations, and workshops have been given at the four annual training sessions for the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) across Canada. These sessions are rich in content and remain useful long after the initial presentation. However, if one were looking for a certain item, there was often a difficulty finding it because the material was stored in an ad hoc fashion and not archived in a central location. This became increasingly problematic for the trainers as the number of sessions grew. The Education Committee of the DLI was examining this issue and the idea of a Training Repository (TR) was born. The enthusiastic responses given at the latest training sessions, which introduced the TR, reaffirmed the need for it. And everyone was pleased to see the ease of retrieving a session. Currently there are over 150 presentations in the TR. This presentation examines the history of the Training Repository, the criteria used to choose the program that houses it, and the processes used to populate it.
    IASSIST conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

  • 2007-05-01
    At the outset of the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI), there were only 9 Data Centres in Canada with experienced staff. A Training Module was developed in 1997 but it is now outdated. Today, there are over 70 Data Centres in Canada. The staff who manage them have varying job descriptions but the new generation, as well as those who have been there longer, need to be able to find information about DLI quickly for their clients, as well as for themselves. The DLI wants to inform its communities of the content of their holdings and then help them to access the data. And thus, the Compleat DLI Survival Kit was born. This presentation will give the background of the Compleat DLI Survival Kit and look at each of the chapters in some detail. And we will show how this tool will prove beneficial to all Canadian Data Centres and to other users of Statistics Canada data. IASSIST 2007, Montreal, Quebec

  • 2011-05-31
    This presentation provides an overview of , a web-based data exploration and extraction tool delivered through Scholar's Portal.

  • 2004-04-05
    This is a presentation on using students as resources at your data centre. This includes look at the Carleton University Data Centre setup with a focus on the hiring and training practices. Students are a valuable employment resource. Training students can be time consuming, but there are tools to help.
    Ontario DLI Training, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

  • 2005-12-08
    This presentation asks its audience how it should go about choosing the DDI tags and what to fill them with in order to perfect the system. Examples of DDI tagging ang cataloguing are given to emphasize a need to coordinate the two. The main objective of the presentation is to gain consensus on the proper way to go about DDI tagging. DINO, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON