Laine Ruus



  • 2004-03-08
    The content for Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) training workshops was initially seen as consisting of instruction in five areas: data services, data management, data structure, data content, and data analysis & use. Training that addressed management and support activities was envisioned as cutting across these five areas. Since this first curriculum framework, training seems to have been grouped into four primary areas: the administration of DLI and the technical services needed to support this; knowledge of data content; data reference skills; and statistical and data literacy skills. What are the substantive topics and skills to be taught? What are the best practices from our experience with previous workshops that we should follow in the future?
    DLI Train the Trainers Workshop, Université de Montréal, Montréal, QC

  • 1997-01-01
    Dans ce module: la commande de données de l'IDD; identifier les fichiers à transférer en consultant le ficher; et l'Enquête nationale sur la santé de la population (ENSP) sur CD-ROM.

  • 2000-04-01
    This session contains a look at WWW networking tools. This includes a list of data extractors and pass-through systems and data WWW interface fact-sheets.
    Ontario DLI Training, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

  • 1997-04-01
    Dans ce module: démarche intellectuelle; les sources des données; les services électroniques en bibliothèque; typologie de données; l'entrevue de recherche dans le contexte des données; les documents de référence de Statistique Canada; et le site web de Statistique Canada.

  • 1997-01-01
    Dans ce module: commande et traitement; identifier et choisir une enquête pour acquisition; les étapes de l'acquisition; acquisition par FTP; l'interprétation de la documentation; et l'administration de la licence de l'IDD.