Mary-Lynne (Mini) Reid



  • 2011-05-30
    Communication plans (Census and National Household Survey); What is going on out in the field? Response rates to date - What's next? Methodology developments ... general directions; Updates on more finalized products and services lines (Census and NHS); Corporate web and dissemination initiatives and opportunities for the Census and NHS; Updates on more finalized release strategies (Census) and preliminary (NHS); Reference and reference-speciality products ... plans for 'explanatory' content; Impact on DLI community's 'bread and butter' full-cumulative profile for all levels of geography down to the DA level ... GIS-based projects; 2016?
    DLI National Training Day, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

  • 2008-12-02
    This presentation outlines the 2006 Census release schedule. It also includes an overview of the Census Web Module and related access levels, and a discussion of what's new in 2006 Census products and services.
    ACCOLEDS-DLI Training, Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB

  • 2013-11-27
    Part 1: 2011 Census Dissemination - Summary of products and services line (web module ‘walk-through’) - Part 2: 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) Dissemination - Release strategy and changes to product line compared to census - Data quality … Global non-response (GNR) and coefficients of variation (CVs) - Summary of products and services line (web module ‘walk-through’) - Part 3: What is left to be released for census and NHS? - Part 4: Ongoing and the future …

  • 2013-11-27
    Diffusion du Recensement de 2011 - Diffusion de l'ENM de 2011 - Que reste-t-il à diffuser pour le recensement et l'ENM? - En cours et à venir

  • 2014-06-02
    2011 Census - 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) - Additional updates