Mike Sivyer



  • 2001-12-05
    This presentation guides you through finding, ordering and accessing data from the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) web site.
    ACCOLEDS/DLI Training, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

  • 2004-04-22
    An overview of some of the major happenings in DLI over the last year, as well as a few highlights of the major activities that are anticipated for the coming year: what surveys are in the tube, ready to be launched; what is coming in the way of educational resources for us; and staff and contact changes at central and in the field. This is the good stuff and Mike has that special way of making time fly by while we're sharing information.
    Atlantic DLI Training, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

  • 2001-12-06
    This presentation outlines the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) as a permanent program and outlines what is new in DLI services over the past year.
    ACCOLEDS/DLI Training, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

  • 2004-04-30
    Historique de l’IDD. Structure de l’IDD : Comité consultatif externe, Section de l’IDD de Statistique Canada. La communauté de l’IDD : membres. Traitement et diffusion des produits de l’IDD à Statistique Canada. Considérations administratives pour les établissements. Services offerts par l'IDD : formation, accès aux données, questions, etc.
    Atelier IDD/CREPUQ, Université de Montréal, Montréal, QC

  • 2004-04-06
    This presentation reviews scenarios and determines acceptable use under the licence. Also, it discusses the decision-making processes and attempt to clarify tricky situations.
    Ontario DLI Training, Queen's University, Kingston, ON